A Professional Chef's Picks for MUST HAVE Kitchen Products

As a professional chef, there are just some appliances and products that are MUST HAVES in my kitchen. My kitchen just doesn’t feel complete, or even functional, without certain essentials that I’ve collected over the years and now use in my everyday life. Whether I am personal cheffing, cooking for a big crowd, or filming a video for my membership site, having a well stocked kitchen (not just with food!) is key to efficiency.

While most of you out there are probably not professional chefs, there are still some important tools that I think EVERY kitchen should have.

I’ve rounded up my MUST HAVE kitchen appliances and cooking tools to share with all of you. These are some of my favorite products that I would recommend purchasing if you want to make things easier for yourself in the kitchen! As a professional chef, I find all of them indispensable…and I think you’ll find them incredibly useful as a home chef, as well.

Bonus! These also make GREAT gifts for the holiday season. Whether someone on your list is new to cooking or a seasoned home chef, these are all

Instant Pot


This is an all in one product for everything.  I use it almost daily for rice, cooking soups and stews, steaming and yogurt.  

Vitamix Blender


I use this blender all the time for smoothies, dressings, soups, and even egg bases for quiches and frittatas.  One of my favorite things about this blender is that all pureed soups come out silky and smooth without the need for straining.  The blender is pricey, but in my opinion it's the best one around and well worth the cost.

Shun Chef’s Knife


This is an amazing knife that keeps its blade.  It has great weight and a good grip.  Be careful though, the blade is extremely sharp!

Beriner Mandoline


This is the best mandoline and will help you achieve paper thin slices, if needed.  It's easy to use, light, inexpensive, and lasts forever.

KOA Provisions Chef-Designed Aprons & Custom Apparel


My favorite cooking apparel and aprons! Totally customizable too.

And of course the ULTIMATE gift to give the “wannabe chef” in your life….

Registration to my Your Cooking Best Friend membership site!


Sign up yourself and a loved one to join me in early 2019 for my first membership site where I’ll be sharing exclusive weekly recipes, cooking tips, and access to a private facebook group for daily support from me. 😀 (only $19 until 12/1)

A Professional Chef's Picks for MUST HAVE Kitchen Products

I hope you found some new cooking products or useful gift ideas to buy for yourself or the foodie in your life.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember to enjoy yourself in the kitchen! 😊

-Chef Rama